Stitching Re-direct

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Today I spent almost 3 hours working on Sistine Chapel. Got 260 stitches into it, and nearly 1/2 of the 2nd column completed. What I realized is that working on the S.C. as I had originally intended to do, won't give me any time for anything else this year. This will not only make me cranky, but will make me give up and the S.C. will end up in my pile of WIPS. So I have decided to dedicate 1 week a month to working on it. During that week, I will stitch on nothing else (unless its a traveling project) but the S.C. But, when the week is finished, the S.C. gets put away and I move on to something else. For now, the other 3 weeks will be working on ONE project from my WIPS pile, so I can try to get some of them cleared up. I have several smaller projects which I can kit up and take with me to soccer practices over the spring. That way I will always have something to stitch, and hopefully accomplish the projects I need to finish. As I am always adding to my "Want to do" pile, I have to be careful not to add more projects to my WIPS LOL. Will take a picture of the S.C. at the end of this week (Thursday night 1/15) and post, and then beginning Friday, finish working on Quilts in the Garden. I would like to have that one completely done by the end of the 3 weeks, and think it is very do-able if that is all I am working on.

Tonight was nice. We had a very nice birthday party for Robert. He is in the "hippie" phase, so we got him a sweatshirt/jacket with peace symbols all over it, a matching bandanna, 2 c.d.'s with 60s music on them, and a peace symbol key chain. He seemed to have loved the gifts, even though I thought they were a bit corny. As I watched him unwrap them, I couldn't help but think how grown up he has become......and yet, how young he still is! I remember when I was 18, I thought I was finally an adult, and couldn't wait to prove myself to the world. But looking at him, makes me realize how young 18 really is! It is going to be very hard to watch him graduate and leave for the Army in May. I didn't realize how it was going to effect me emotionally before tonight.