Weigh In...HAPPY (A Little TOO Happy) New Year

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Tonight was weigh in night, and I wasn't going to post, but then I thought what is the use of only posting my successes?  It won't encourage anyone reading this if I just post when things are good and I am successful, right?  People need to see the struggles and the results.  Well I gained this week, 0.8lb.  Now in all honesty I am glad that is all I gained.  I knew that New Years Eve would get me.....and rather then just blowing it one night, I spent the week making really poor decisions and worst of all not tracking anything that went in my mouth.  But as my leader says, turn the page and start fresh today.  And that is exactly what I am doing! 

Weight loss is just one of the journey's I am on this year.  I believe that God has called me to become a healthier person as a whole.  So, in an effort to attend to this, Tim and I joined our local gym.  This morning we went and walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I had been doing an hour, but I did not feel well this morning, and figured that 30 minutes is better then nothing.  My goal is to meet 6 out of 7 days this week, even if it is just for 30 minutes.  Getting moving, even a little bit, is going to help in the long run.  In addition to my health goals, our church is fasting for the first 21 days of January.  I did not join in on the "food" fast, but have instead decided to fast eating out and also watching television.  I am prayful that during the time I would normally devote to watching tv, I will devote to pray and reading the bible.  I have specific people and items that I would like to see God move in, and I am praying for those things to come to be.

My stitching goal this year, as I believe I have mentioned before, is simply to spend time working on those things that I want for my house.  Every year I spend enormous amounts of time stitching presents for everyone else, some of who do not see the value or time that I put into them.  This year, save for a few bookmarks here and there, I am going to do those patterns that I have put in the pile for me "some day".  What a better time then today!

In final closing, I just want to earnestly wish my friends and family (especially my Artecy sisterhood) a fantastic, healthy, financially blessed, and full of wonderful loving memories year of 2010.  I hope and pray for all good things for all of you and blessings to be heaped upon each of you.  I can not begin to explain the importance of loving friends and family (AGAIN ARTECY SISTERHOOD)!  You have all kept me going during times I just wasn't sure how I could take one more step, and I love you all dearly!