Quilts in the Garden Update

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I am stitching a pattern from Paula Vaughn's Quilts in the Garden for my best friend Mary, who also happens to be my secret sister this year at the church. It has been fun, and very odd, to have my best friend as a secret sister~since you have to keep it a secret for one full year! We reveal our sisters on Feb. 6th, and I fully intend to be able to frame and give this as a gift to her on that evening. She knows I am making it for my secret sister (Does not know it is her), and I have said on many occasions that I just don't think I will get it done. The larger picture is the update on what it looks like right now. Other than that, I really don't have much to post today. Still having some pretty blah days, so just trying to stay busy with mind occupying things :)

An Old Sunset, and a New Sunrise

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Life goes on, doesn't it? A sunset comes to usher out one day, and a sunrise to usher in a new day. There are so many analogies that can be drawn from this, but today I will just talk about one. Today is inauguration day, and we have issued in a new President. Right, wrong, Christian, not-Christian, Democratic, Republican, Liberal, it does NOT matter. What matters now, is that we as a nation get behind him, pray for him, and do what we can to change the situation we are in. I heard someone say today, what we need to do as a nation is get back to the "old fashioned" values of hard work, spending within our limits, and saving for a rainy day. HMMMMM....now why didn't I think of that?? LOL! Why is it that this is such a "NEW IDEA" for so many people?

And what about all the negative talk going on about outgoing President Bush. Yes, things went wrong on his watch, yes he made mistakes (those of who haven't may cast the first stone), but this is a man we elected, someone who deserves the respect of the position. I got a feeling a lot of people will find themselves very disappointed if all of their hope has been placed in the person of Pres. Obama. May God have mercy on those who put their faith, hopes, and dreams in any one but HIM!

~~~~~~Okay off my soap box!

On A Road Going Nowhere

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On a road going nowhere, I find myself a loan traveler. The road is long, and hard. Everywhere I look there seem to be pot holes. Some are small and a minor inconvenience, but others seem like huge craters, bottomless pits, that if you are unlucky enough to fall into them you may never surface again. I have spent two days walking down this road, on this trip. No one else is in site, no water, no nourishment. I drag with me a body that refuses to be moved~and yet I feel that I must get to the next turn in the road, over that next hill, through the next long night~so I continue to drag, to coax, to beg, and to demand it to move. What keeps me going? What possess my legs to walk forward, when the weight pulls so heavily on them? The only thing I can think is it is the hope of something around the next corner, over the horizon, or beyond the next sunrise. A cure perhaps, or maybe just the promise of a better day. I, of course, have much hope after this lifetime. But what keeps me going, tied to this earth, this torturous place full of pain, disappointment, and mind numbing fatigue? This is the question I have to ask myself today, and every day, until the road gets wider, easier, and less bumpy. What happens if it does not, I dare not ask myself.