Feeling Better~Updates~Weigh In

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Finally feeling like I have a bit of my strength back.  What a crazy couple weeks!  Josh is still sick with what we have found out is bacterial strep (a strep infection in the blood) or whatever.  Doctor ordered more antibiotics and we hope that he will start seeing some improvement.  Poor kid makes it through school, then comes home and goes right to sleep until the next morning. 

Robert left on Sat. to travel by bus to Texas.  Apparently he will be training there for two weeks to start his new "career" selling magazine subscriptions.  From Texas he will take a bus to Myrtle Beach FL and then work his way up the East Coast.  Not at all what I had envisioned for his life, but sometimes we have to make our own way.  Just praying for safety, and that God would put the right people and situations in Robert's path to change his life.

Zech is still struggling, but he has had some accomplishments this week.  He made the youth basketball team and he has been working on putting an engine back together in his automotive class.  He is pretty proud of the engine :)

Allyssa is doing her normal life stuff.  She seems to be floating along fine for the moment, which frankly is a good thing because of everything else going on.

Stitching is at a complete stand still...UGHHHH  All I can say is I NEED SOME TIME!  I am praying that tomorrow evening I see some of that time!

And finally Weigh In was tonight.  I lost 4lbs this week :) :) :)  Which brings me to a grand total lost of 7lbs in the last 6 weeks!!!!  My goal this week is to hit the gym at least 5 out of 7 times and to stay On the program.  I don't want to do anything that will sabatoge my loss.  Now that I have started moving in the right direction it is time to really get cracking.  I have goals!  And I plan on meeting them!!!!