New Wheels

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Took me awhile to get the "courage" up to post a picture of the dreaded new wheels on here. I am so thankful God provided for this need, in such an amazing way. But to say I am happy about having the need in the first place would be a lie! I can tell you all though, that I am coming to grips with the changes in my life, and acceptance of advantages to having some help with mobility. I look forward to being able to do things, that I have been unable to going to the zoo with my kids, walking (or driving) down the nice bike trails at our park, moving about the soccer tournaments without being exhausted in the end.
We just need God to provide a way to transport the chair now. Hubby has a friend through work and church who is a welder, so hopefully they can come up with something for back of van to transport it. It hasn't become a priority yet, and the money isn't there. So I am going to believe God will provide it as we go along :)

Support Groups

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Well went to my support group today. It was, well, informative. They had a speaker there from a local IPMR (don't remember what that stands for). She spoke about Fall Prevention. I just kept looking at her thinking, what the heck am I doing here. Most of her information was for "older" persons. She kept quoting statistics and going on and on about how falling is one of the biggest reasons "older" people die.......and that "a fall is the begining of the end". Anyway. I did come away with some information that I may find useful. I also got signed up for the National MS support line. They will be sending a bunch of pamphlets to help me address some of the issues I am having, as well as some information for my friends/family members who don't seem to "get it".

I ended up meeting the man who I had been talking to online. It was comforting, albeit weird, to know I would sort of "know" someone there. And in the end, he kind of made me go....I was waffeling this morning about whether or not to attend, and I just kept thinking how stuck up it would be for me to not show up. So I went. I am not sure that I really got much "encouragement" out of going, but maybe I just need to give myself more time to get to know the people there. One of the other ladies there, probably in her mid 40s, had just been diagnosed within the last three weeks. Then there was the man who I went to school with. Everyone else there was much older. One lady came with her CNA (certified nurses assistant), another lovely lady (maybe 70 or so) came in with her walker. It was a very strange group of people!

After the support group, I decided to make a day of it. I went out to lunch at McDonalds, and then headed off to Hobby Lobby (my favorite store of all). My friend Mary had given me a gift certificate some time ago, and I had a 40% off coupon, so I bought some fabric for some upcoming project LOL. By the time I left the store, it was time for Josh to get off school, so I swung by and picked him up because it was raining. Then the kids decided they wanted pizza for dinner, and I was pooped, so I drove them to Little Ceasers (home of the $5.00 pizza), and then back home! The kids ate dinner at 3:45 LOL. I took a bath, and was in bed by 4:30. Took a bit of a nap, then got up and worked on a bible study. Now its 7:00 and here I sit on the computer, trying to get through the evening, until kids go to bed and hubby gets home, so I can go back to sleep. Ohhh the excitement of my life LOL.

If anyone ever wants more information on this disease (Multiple Sceloris) I have some websites for you to check out. They are:

I hope no one ever has to "deal" with this illness on a personal basis, but one never knows when you might meet someone with it. Knowledge is power~


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I actually did some stitching today. It has been over a week since I have felt up to putting any stitches in my project, so it was really a nice treat. I spent about an hour on my "Quilts in the Garden" project. It is almost done! I am hopeful that I will be able to get it done and delivered by the end of Febuary, providing I can get a couple more good stitching days in.

Tomorrow, I am going to take a leap and attend my first MS support group. I have been going to an online support group nightly for the last few evenings, and find that talking to others who are going through, or have gone through the challenges I am being faced with right now, is comforting. Ironic thing is that I met a gentlemen by the name of "thebug" on the online chat room. We got to chatting about local support groups, and low and behold he lives in my town. It gets stranger! He is the same age as I am~39~ and graduated from the same High School. The only difference is he graduated the year before I did. I will get to meet him at the support group tomorrow, and find out if we "knew" each other in high school (my highschool graduating class had over 800 students, so it is likely we did not know each other).

Well thats all for tonight, I guess. Hopefully next time I post I can send an update along on my "Quilts..." cross-stitch as well :)