New Wheels

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Took me awhile to get the "courage" up to post a picture of the dreaded new wheels on here. I am so thankful God provided for this need, in such an amazing way. But to say I am happy about having the need in the first place would be a lie! I can tell you all though, that I am coming to grips with the changes in my life, and acceptance of advantages to having some help with mobility. I look forward to being able to do things, that I have been unable to going to the zoo with my kids, walking (or driving) down the nice bike trails at our park, moving about the soccer tournaments without being exhausted in the end.
We just need God to provide a way to transport the chair now. Hubby has a friend through work and church who is a welder, so hopefully they can come up with something for back of van to transport it. It hasn't become a priority yet, and the money isn't there. So I am going to believe God will provide it as we go along :)