Long Time

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It has been a long time since I last posted, and for that I apologize. What do I say, other then life happened, and I got carried away in it. I have not been working much on stitching lately, but rather working on a book that will be titled "Flip flops and Sandcastles, what to do when God says wait". I feel that I am to tell a story, not just about MS or my journey through it, but to be able to help others who's journey has ended up in a Wait scenario. God does not always give Yes or No answers. So how we deal with a wait answer is important. I am striving to show in my life on a daily basis, that God can use even the worst of circumstances for the benefit of us and those around us. So, I am working diligently to write what is in my heart, if for no other reason then to give my children something to read into their future, that will uplift and give them hope during times of trouble in their own lives.