So excited

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I am such a lucky lucky gal. I have been rather down and depressed lately, as my illness has rared its ugly head. The flares always take some time for me to adjust to mentally. Anyway, we got our tax return and my dear husband went off and bought me a new laptop yesterday, so I could stay active and such as I would like to. I really like the fact that I can take the computer to the area that I am at. The bedroom, the couch etc.

Just thought I would share.... will update on my stitching tomorrow.

Quick Note

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Just wanted to get a quick note on here. The whole house (except Tim thank goodness) has come down with the flu. Allyssa has been home from school since last Thursday. Josh has missed yesterday and today. In the usual fashion of children, however, I think the two goblins are well on their way to recovery, and hopefully both children will be back at school tomorrow. If anyone stays home it will be Allyssa, who seems to have got the brunt of this.

I have a very very mild case, and it will stay that way! I can still function primarily good enough to get everything done that needs to get done, so all is good!

Anyway, will report when everything is back to normal!