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Just wanted to wish all my friends a Happy New Year. I hope it is full of blessings and wonderful memories!

As the year ends, I always find myself with mixed emotions. A bit sad, for another year has come and gone; and excited to see what the New Year might bring. In addition to my already mentioned New Years resolutions, I believe that this year I am going to try to concentrate on the "Little" things in life.... a sort of stop and smell the flowers mentality. Life is just to short to be so concerned with the things we let consume our lives. To this I am swearing off television, unless it has something to do with a family thing (i.e. movie night, playing the Wii together etc.). I just think that I spent way to many hours in 2008 absorbing worthless garbage in my head, and there are so many better ways to spend my time. Instead of watching television, I will read or cross-stitch, spend time doing things with the kids or my husband and on.

Just another Tuesday

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Not a whole lot to blog about today, as it was pretty much the same as every other Tuesday, in a long string of boring Tuesdays LOL. I did the wash, cleaned the kitchen, made tea for Tim, and stitched. I went to bed last night feeling under the weather, woke up this morning feeling even more so. That being said, I decided to take at easy today. My goal was to finish the page of stitching I was working on (Quilts in the Garden), which I did successfully do. I even went a bit further by working a few stitches in on the following page. I will continue on that tomorrow before putting it up to complete my first 1/2 page of Sistine Chapel. (Sistine Chapel is a stitch-a-long project that I have committed myself to do at least 1/2 page of stitching a week). I have been waiting over a month to start this project, so the first 1/2 page should go rather quickly.

Tomorrow is also grocery day, thanks to the holidays. I will be starting my new calorie monitoring tomorrow, and already have the menu (and 3 snacks a day) figured out for the following weeks. It made making a shopping list pretty easy :) I have been doing menu planning for awhile now, but mostly just for dinners. This menu has breakfast, lunch, dinner and three snacks. The only "extra" food I will buy is for the kids lunches and their snacks (as they still need more calories).

My plans for tonight are going to be very simple...To Do NOTHING. Okay, well maybe something. I plan to play a few games of poker, maybe spend some time reading, take a bath etc. I have not been watching any TV lately (expect once in a while the nightly news). I am thinking about giving up TV watching for the next year, but then that is quite a commitment!

Bed Trials

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Okay let me start by saying THIS IS NOT AN X-rated post! I know some of you who might be disappointed (but you will get over it LOL). No, rather this post is more about the actually trials of sleeping with one's significant other, in bed. Notice there I said SLEEPING! So last night Tim and I performed our normal bedtime routine. (Just for a little history, the routine goes something like this: I come into the room about 10:45 after waiting for him to come home from work. He plants his self in front of the TV. I read in bed until somewhere about 11:30 to 12:00 while I wait for Tim to come to bed. He hops in to bed, we turn out the lights, and I hear snoring within a few minutes, while I lay staring at the ceiling for an hour trying to fall asleep.)

So last night, same routine. And as I was sitting there in the dark I began contemplating the differences in our ability to go to sleep. From this I have decided, he sleeps because he has nothing on his mind! (and no I don't mean that in a derogatory manner). It is just that he has spent the last hour to hour and a half sitting in front of the television, allowing it to suck out any thought process he might have had. I on the other hand, have been richly involved in enhancing my mind by traveling to some far off distant country, and helping the hero or heroine achieve their goals. Therefore, Tim comes to bed, completely oblivious to everything and quickly drifts off to sleep. I however, spend an hour or more, detailing to plans for a book that has already been written, as if I have to re-write the entire ending for myself. There is not even enough space to begin to write what happens when I have finished the book, on any given night!

As I was writing this opinionated post, Tim walks in and takes great offense to my personal observations of our sleep habits. And while I may feel a tad bit bad for him, exposing him in such light, I have decided that this post may well save marriages everywhere, and therefore, must be inclined to keep it in my blog! After all, if we women understand the nuances of the marriage relationship.......we can better defend ourselves!

Updated Albums

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I have officially updated all my albums, and all my cross-stitch patterns to date. My hopes is to do update pictures every Monday (at the very least every other Monday). Except of course Sistine Chapel, which will need to be updated, rain or shine, once a week!

Diets and other New Years Resolutions

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Every year it seems, I spend massive amounts of time (at least for a day or two) trying to follow some of my New Years Resolutions. Generally by the 3rd or 4th of January, something has gone amiss, and in my world of 100% one way or another thinking, I quit! Well this years resolution is going to be to accept things done well, NOT perfectly! That being said, here is my list of New Years Resolutions:
  • Eat Healthier (try to keep at around 1700 calories a day)
  • Be Nicer to People
  • Read my bible more often (I am going to strive for once a day, but remember perfection isn't achievable
  • Spend more time with my friends
  • Be more consistent in my church time.
  • Spend time every day stitching.
  • Update my photos on a weekly basis (again perfection isn't achievable)
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY get back to FLYING! I have really lax ed on this lately, and I need to follow my system in order to stay caught up.

On the eating healthier note, I am really excited about what I am doing! Every time in the past, I have started a diet and then failed because I didn't like the food or I got bored. What I have done now is figure out what I need, calorie wise, for each meal and each snack. (For example for me: Breakfast is approx 323 cal.; Lunch and Dinner approx. 510 calories; and snacks (3 a day) is 119 cal.) Then I took index cards. At the top I wrote whether it was breakfast, snack, or lunch/dinner. Then on the card I wrote down appropriate stuff for that category, trying to keep the totals in range. For instance, one of my snack cards is a sugar free jell-o pudding and two vanilla wafers (130 cal). My goal is to have 20 to 30 different cards for snacks and lunch/dinners. Then at the beginning of the week, I will mix them all up and pull out cards for 21 snacks, 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners. That will be my menu for the week. And all the calorie counting is already done for me. And since I am putting only food I really like, I won't hate what I am doing. I will post later as to how this is going, as my official start date will be Wed. Dec. 31st. I have a goal weight that I would like to get to, but I don't want to get stuck on the numbers right now. (I did post a widget to help me watch my weight loss on my blog though).

Would love to see comments of others New Years Resolutions, or thoughts about having them!

New Year Coming Quickly

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Christmas is past, and the New Year is fast approaching. There were so many laughs and tears shed this holiday season. Many members of the family have passed on, and are truly celebrating Christmas in the fashion it ought to be celebrated. It was also bitter sweet, as I celebrated the last of the season with all four of my "Children" in the home. I say this because my oldest, Robert, will be turning 18 in a few days. In May he will then be leaving for the Army, and on to his adult life. And while I know there will be more occasions to have all of my children in my home during a holiday event, this year saw the end to an era of life, and a transition to adulthood for one.

Many things were completed this year for stitching, and I have included a link to my photo album on the side so that it can be viewed. I have an ambitious list of projects to finish in 2009 as well. To make things fun, I am going to make an album for each project so you can see the progress, and then move it to a Finished album at the end of the project.

I have also spent some time reconnecting with one of my favorite groups of women online (Cat's chat). All the women have a special place in my heart! If you know me well, then you know that I love playing Texas Holdem, and one of my favorite places to play is Absolute Poker. I have been on a wining streak lately~course I only play with "Play" chips. When I am not playing poker, I am involved in a wonderful tournament group called WildFires at Pogo.com.

I look forward to all the wonderful adventures of the coming year, and the times spent sharing them with those I love. Happy Holidays, and a safe New Year to all of you!