Sistine Chapel

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I have been waiting nearly a month to start one of my 2009 Projects. I had agreed to do it as a SAL (stitch-a-long) with several in the group. I was so excited I could barely contain myself. Here is a picture of the project: The project is a gigantic undertaking, with 76 pages of pattern and just under 200,000 stitches. By far, it is one of the most detailed projects, I have ever tried. It falls under the category of "Really??? What was I thinking???"

So anyway, started stitching this morning. The 1st page (at least the area I am on) contains a lot of confetti stitches (for those of you stitching illiterate confetti stitches are colors that aren't all together~ie one here, one there). This fact alone has made it very slow going so far. I am hopeful that the whole pattern is not like this, and I do get some positive affirmation in this by looking at the rest of page one.

Top all this off with a very volatile day with my 17 yo son, who has just recently moved to a new placement locally, and it has been a rather depressing stitching day. I am hopeful, however, that things will pick up as my best friend is on her way over to stitch with me. Good company, good conversation, and a cozy warm room. What more could one person want LOL.

8:30pm Update~So my friend came over, and down we sat to stitch. Excited I was about getting some work done on Sistine Chapel. Low and behold at the end of the row I was working on, I came to a color I did not have~how could this have happened, as I have every color DMC makes (I guess except one!). So I put it away for tomorrow, and will head off to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to pick up the last color I did not have.