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Just wanted to wish all my friends a Happy New Year. I hope it is full of blessings and wonderful memories!

As the year ends, I always find myself with mixed emotions. A bit sad, for another year has come and gone; and excited to see what the New Year might bring. In addition to my already mentioned New Years resolutions, I believe that this year I am going to try to concentrate on the "Little" things in life.... a sort of stop and smell the flowers mentality. Life is just to short to be so concerned with the things we let consume our lives. To this I am swearing off television, unless it has something to do with a family thing (i.e. movie night, playing the Wii together etc.). I just think that I spent way to many hours in 2008 absorbing worthless garbage in my head, and there are so many better ways to spend my time. Instead of watching television, I will read or cross-stitch, spend time doing things with the kids or my husband and on.