Just another Tuesday

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Not a whole lot to blog about today, as it was pretty much the same as every other Tuesday, in a long string of boring Tuesdays LOL. I did the wash, cleaned the kitchen, made tea for Tim, and stitched. I went to bed last night feeling under the weather, woke up this morning feeling even more so. That being said, I decided to take at easy today. My goal was to finish the page of stitching I was working on (Quilts in the Garden), which I did successfully do. I even went a bit further by working a few stitches in on the following page. I will continue on that tomorrow before putting it up to complete my first 1/2 page of Sistine Chapel. (Sistine Chapel is a stitch-a-long project that I have committed myself to do at least 1/2 page of stitching a week). I have been waiting over a month to start this project, so the first 1/2 page should go rather quickly.

Tomorrow is also grocery day, thanks to the holidays. I will be starting my new calorie monitoring tomorrow, and already have the menu (and 3 snacks a day) figured out for the following weeks. It made making a shopping list pretty easy :) I have been doing menu planning for awhile now, but mostly just for dinners. This menu has breakfast, lunch, dinner and three snacks. The only "extra" food I will buy is for the kids lunches and their snacks (as they still need more calories).

My plans for tonight are going to be very simple...To Do NOTHING. Okay, well maybe something. I plan to play a few games of poker, maybe spend some time reading, take a bath etc. I have not been watching any TV lately (expect once in a while the nightly news). I am thinking about giving up TV watching for the next year, but then that is quite a commitment!