Exciting New Family Member

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My husband surprised me today with a new family member for our household, for my birthday. I had mentioned some time ago, after seeing one in a pet store, that I would really like to have one....................

His name is Otis, and he is a Min Pin. Most people think that a Min Pin is a Miniature of a larger bread of dog, a Doberman. However, this is not the case. Otis is 4 months old, partially potty trained, and crate trained. He has a very sweet temperament and likes to lay on the shoulder rather then on my lap. We are finding out that he is much like having a 2 year old around with boundless energy. He will not get much bigger then what he is here, full grown. I am hoping that he will make a great companion at all the soccer practices and tournaments that we attend.

Because of all the traveling to go get Otis, and then subsequent traveling to get food, toys, bedding, etc. I didn't have time to stitch today. Its now after 9, so I think I shall go to bed early and read! I can start fresh on stitching tomorrow. BTW, the man in the picture is my hubby Tim :)