Sleep is Highly Overrated

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I haven't been sleeping well lately, even pre-puppy. Last night was the third night in a row with under 5 hours of sleep (an anyone who knows me, knows I need more like 10-12). So to say I am tired, is an understatement.

The puppy did remarkably well last night, after I moved his kennel into my bedroom. I guess the sound of my husband snoring was a good enough sedative, that after a few restless moments of whining and tossing. But after a few deep NO's from me (and the shirt off my back, quite literally), he settled right down and went to sleep. He actually slept longer then I did!

We are off to Josh's soccer game in a few minutes. This is the start of a new year, so his stats get to start fresh. He wants me to keep track of them all, so I guess that will keep me busy during the games at least LOL.