Puppies and babies

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I have discovered today what puppies and babies have in common. The answer? Just about everything! This falls under the category of "WHAT WAS I THINKING" LOL. At Least the puppy sleeps through the night! (or at least for the most part) But that honestly is where the difference stops! The only thing keeping me going is the knowledge that Puppies learn faster then the average child. I am hoping to have him completely potty trained (or at least 90%) by the end of next week.

Its not just the potty training though. This puppy wants/needs constant attention. Loves to snuggle and be held, but seldom sits still long enough for me to read a chapter or do cross-stitching without being interrupted. And my living room looks like a war zone with all of the toys strewn everywhere LOL. On the plus side, he is very cute and does like to cuddle! We will have to work on teaching him to sit on ones LAP, not on our shoulders~he prefers to sit on our shoulders like a parrot!

So besides the puppy, isn't much to tell about today. I did spend about 1 1/2 hours stitching on Sistine Chapel, but still don't even have the first row on the first page done! I really believe it will go faster when I get over another row, as there isn't quite so many confetti stitches there. I think I will just continue on with this project through the next week, or the finishing of the first page, which ever comes 1st. I got NO stitching done last night, as I had planned, because I spent the time talking to one of the other moms whose son was there practicing as well. I am not totally upset about not working on my stitching, but I am certainly going through withdrawals from not having a decent amount of time to work on anything! Probably could have spent some more time this evening, but decided to play Poker instead (I know priorities). Truth is, I was to tired to really concentrate on the stitching, so I figured I would do something a bit more mindless. Talking about being mindless, I think I will head off now. Once my game is done, its early bedtime and reading for me!