Thursday's= Grocery Day

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Had to go out in the terrible, cold, mean world again today~and do the detestable~ GROCERY SHOPPING. I don't really know why I hate it so much, I just know that I do. I have been going when Tim is home to go with me, but it still wears me out so much, that all I want to do when I get home is sleep. So for the most part this afternoon, I sat on the couch with the puppy and dozed.

Cleaning?? Whats that? I haven't been able to keep up on my flying at all! Really depresses me when I can't seem to do the simple things to keep up (the swish and swipe and the clean sink). I just seem to have no energy for anything that isn't completely required. I did finally make it to church last night~but by the time I got home I felt like I had been through a marathon. People just don't understand how hard it can be at times for me. Simple things like going to church, suck out my life blood. And when I do go, I have to listen to everyone go on and on about how I haven't been there....... Even my friends don't seem to listen when I tell them that its the little things that wear me out~and I have to pick and choose what I am going to do.

Then of course you add to all of it the fact that I have this cute, adorable little puppy who is not potty trained yet, and you add in a whole new set of circumstances in which I am responsible for care taking. We have had some successes, which make me feel like continuing on, in the potty training area. But it also seems for every success, we take 3 or 4 steps backwards. I know it takes time, and I am trying really hard to remember what a wonderful pet he will make once he is trained. But sometimes its hard to remember that he is just a baby and I have to give him a break.

Course generally just about the time that I am ready to give up, he does something cute, like chase after his little tail stub...and all I can do is laugh at him. I bought him a little blue sweater today, to try to keep him warm, but he still shivers all the time! And we found out recently, he is scared of there is no fear of having him sleep on our bed, as he doesn't like being that far off the ground LOL.

As for my hands, they were particularly empty today, for once again I got NO Stitching done. This really has to stop, as I am sooo cranky from not having my stitching time! Tomorrow morning, while Tim is home, I am going to take some time alone to stitch. And then he is off again on Sat, so hopefully I will get a chance again then. Once Otis is potty trained I will be able to leave him where I don't have to watch his every move, and then I can go back to my regular schedule. Its just right now, I don't know how long that will be. I am way behind on my Sistine Chapel. I still have 10 rows to do, in order to finish the first column, and I was supposed to have the first 1/2 page done by today!!! Talking about that, I have to get a picture of that and post it to the group as well~even if I haven't meet my goal~to keep me accountable.
Well I am going to play a game of poker, then it is off to bed for me.