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HI! Yes, I have went absolutely crazy! Okay well maybe I was already there, but anyway :). Left on Monday morning with my best friend, my youngest two (Josh and Allyssa) and my best friends daughter Emily. We had filled the back of Mary's little SUV with a bunch of food and goodies to munch on, as well as all the clothes we could possibly need for an overnight trip~Remember there were FOUR of us "women" in the car!!! Josh brought one very small bag, carrying all his essentials, and we filled the rest of the car LOL. Our plans were to drive the hour and a half to a small town called Utica Illinois, where we would play for a blissful 48 hours in the indoor water park. Wanna see what it was? CLICK HERE

Okay, so we got lost going up. My fault. I of course thought I had been to the area enough times to know the way, without looking at a map. (Tim and I go up every year for our anniversary). Well, I was wrong LOL. It all ended up good, as we just took a minor detour and spent some time looking at historic Peru. Finally, upon getting to the waterpark, the girls (younger ones) could hardly contain themselves to get into the pool. So we checked in, rushed into our swimsuits, and headed off to the pool, where the girls played blissfully for about an hour before getting bored LOL. We did have lots of fun (although the food and the prices of said food was being bad, prices being extremely HIGH). Tuesday morning we got up early, headed back to the pool and such, then went into to town to eat..>Gee why didn't we think of this the night before??!! Oh well. After lunch, and ice cream, we departed and headed home, stopping off at some beautiful canyons to see some waterfalls, and nature.

Tuesday evening began Soccer practice, and wouldn't you know the temperature was a balmy 38?! We arrived at 6:15pm (a full 45 minutes early since Josh was so excited to start). We sat there watching Josh do his various training until almost 9pm...and then took our frozen bodies back home.

This morning, began the fun and excitement of the unknown finally becoming a reality. As of this a.m., Tim's company has officially filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. There was also an email circulated that there may be a delay, at the very least, of the employee's wages. Everything else is up in the air, and we will continue to trust that God has it all under control. I continually remind myself of the saying that, "Worry is like a rocking chair, you can rock and rock and never get anywhere." I will place it in God's hands, and then continue on, however with the knowledge that there may need to be some real changes in our very near future!