Finally a Stitching Update

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Finally finished page 5 (the bottom of the first column).  I don't even want to think of how long it took me.  Thankfully it is done now and I can go on to page 2 (top of column 2).


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This has not been the year for me.  I seem to get over one thing, and sick with another!  After having the most awful flu in the world, I had several good days before I came down with a terrible cold.  I weighed in yesterday and had gained 1 lb.  I don't know if that was lack of gym time from being sick, fluid retention, or because I had drank so much water trying to stay hydrated.  It was enough for me to momentarily think about giving it all up.  Just didn't seem worth it.  Luckily, things change with a good nights sleep and today was a much more positive day!  I have added some goals for this week so that I can try to push myself a little in the area of training and eating.  I plan on hitting the gym 6 out of 7 days this week (2 out of 2 already accomplished).  Yesterday I spent 45 minutes on the eliptical, 20 mins on the treadmill and played a 15 minute game of raquetball with my son.  Today I decided to just do raquetball, and played nearly an hour and a half!  I haven't had much stitching time, but I fit it in as I get a chance.  I am teaching a class at church on how to be a good samartian.  In addition I have committed to reading the bible through this year.  All that keeps me pretty busy.  Honestly I think sometimes that I just do not have good time management skills, although I know that can't be true LOL.  Josh is training at the gym 5 days a week, twice with a personal trainer.  He is also playing indoor soccer once a week, and tennis is expected to start in the next month.  Top all that off with the beginning stages of submiting applications for college :(  It is wonderful and sad all at the same time.  Robert chose to go into the military instead of college, Zech will never go to college, and is struggling graduating right now from High Josh will be my first to go off to college. 

Well I wish I had more time to share but I am off to pick my husband up from work.  Things are not going well with his job, and there is much rumors of a strike come October.  It has certainly put us into the frame of mind of getting as much paid off as we can before then.  I miss all my friends emmensly.  I know that this does not make up for posting individually, and I will try to that as soon as I can.  Lots of love and prayers coming your way!