Exciting news

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Guess what...I got a new job today.  Now before you ladies, and you do know who you are, question me giving to much of myself......read the rest first.  So I have been a little down about the fact that I finally have gotten to a place in my life where I actually WANT to look like a women,  (You know hair, makeup, nails etc) and we are at a place where finances are not real condusive to me spending the extra cash.  So, I made a compromise and joined our gym, taking the 58 a month out of my grocery allowance.  I figured it was one thing I could really do for myself and feel good about.  Well today a friend from church called out of the clear blue and was trying to solve a conflict in their family.  After some talking and hashing through, this friend said they thought they had the perfect answer.  Seems that his mother bought a new puppy yesterday.  This puppy is a miniture dachsund and is still very little.  She works 3-12 hour shifts as a nurse at our local hospital.  So I will be "babysitting" the puppy 3 days a week for $75.  Isn't it awesome.

Reflection Time

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This week has just flown by and so much has happened in my life, and the lives of the people around me.  I have been ultra busy in church activities as of recent.  We are getting a few more things up off the ground, and I have decided for the time to pour myself into whatever I can do (within reason).  I have also been busy lending my friend a hand (she is the one I taught to cross-stitch).  She is a young mom with three small boys and is also taking care of her 18 year old sister.  The both come from an extremely difficult relationship with their parents, and the sister has been having a lot of difficulty finding a reason to stick around.  I ended up going with my friend to have her sister admited to the hospital the other evening, and that has been difficult for all of us.  I have grown very close to both!

As for my weight loss efforts, well I am a bit (okay truth be told A TON) frustrated right now.  I worked my BUTT off this week, quite litterally.  Watched every piece of food I ate, and tracked it carefully.  Drank my water etc etc.  So last night I go to weigh in and find that I have lost.................drum roll please.....................
NATTA, NOTHING, ZERO, ZIPPO, BIG FAT AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ugghhhhh!!!!  The WW instructor informs me that next week will be better, that my body is in shock!  She also told me to (get this) Eat MORE food!  So I will try again for this week, and we shall see.  I am not quiting.  And even if I don't lose weight I am feeling ubber better (except for the few minutes right after my workout).  I have been reading a lot on what Montel Williams does.  I used to fluff it off, but you know I think he has something there.  My balance is improving, my mind is clearer, and my legs cooperate (eventually).

As for stitching, well there is no update there.  I have done none this week!  I am hoping to spend some time tonight!  I am finding it hard to balance tracking my food, getting my workouts in, church activities, children's activities and on and on.  I will eventually find a good balance, but haven't yet.

And finally, I thought a few months ago that turning fourty was the end of the world for me.  But as I come up on the actual date, I am finding that it will be okay to be fourty, in fact it will be a fabulous year!  So I have decided that this year I will be 40 and FABULOUS!  A lot better then being depressed and down about my age.  (A resolution for this year, to be positive in light of everything!)

Sorry this post was so long winded.  I had so much more to say, but I am off again, and don't have time to write off all the wonderful things I have experienced this week.  Perhaps later this week I can reflect on them.