New Year Coming Quickly

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Christmas is past, and the New Year is fast approaching. There were so many laughs and tears shed this holiday season. Many members of the family have passed on, and are truly celebrating Christmas in the fashion it ought to be celebrated. It was also bitter sweet, as I celebrated the last of the season with all four of my "Children" in the home. I say this because my oldest, Robert, will be turning 18 in a few days. In May he will then be leaving for the Army, and on to his adult life. And while I know there will be more occasions to have all of my children in my home during a holiday event, this year saw the end to an era of life, and a transition to adulthood for one.

Many things were completed this year for stitching, and I have included a link to my photo album on the side so that it can be viewed. I have an ambitious list of projects to finish in 2009 as well. To make things fun, I am going to make an album for each project so you can see the progress, and then move it to a Finished album at the end of the project.

I have also spent some time reconnecting with one of my favorite groups of women online (Cat's chat). All the women have a special place in my heart! If you know me well, then you know that I love playing Texas Holdem, and one of my favorite places to play is Absolute Poker. I have been on a wining streak lately~course I only play with "Play" chips. When I am not playing poker, I am involved in a wonderful tournament group called WildFires at

I look forward to all the wonderful adventures of the coming year, and the times spent sharing them with those I love. Happy Holidays, and a safe New Year to all of you!