Weight Watchers Here I Come

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So, last night was my first official night of WW.  I was all ready to go, book in hand, weighed in, meeting attended and then............  I got up this morning and forgot (Yes I really did forget) that I was on WW and went out to lunch with hubby and family friend.  Ordered my usual at Steak N Shake (a double with ketchup and fries and coke) and ate till my hearts content!  Got home and realized my grievous error.  I had eaten 29 points in ONE MEAL (I only get 27 for the whole day)!  However, in the past I would quit immediately!  This time, I came home and put everything on my journal, and decided I can't do anything about what has been done but I can go forward from here.  SOOOO long story short, that is exactly what I am doing.  I went to church to my "Biggest Winners" excercise class and walked 2 miles!!!!  That is huge for me.  Tomorrow is a new day, and another chance to get it better (notice I didn't say get it right, just better).

Christmas, Cross-stitch, and stuff

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Spending the afternoon relaxing after having performed our Christmas program this morning.  I had a very small solo in it, and am glad to have that done.  Robert showed up for church this morning "to hear mom sing", which was nice, but so many emotions were running through me when I saw him that I had a hard time keeping it together for the performance.  He is still acting as if he did nothing wrong.  Told us he had a job.  I told him I loved and missed him, and hoped he was able to get his life in order.  Neither Tim nor I gave him any reason to think that he could come home just because he has a job.  We have both re-read the parable of the prodigal son in the bible.  We feel that we will only be able to bring Robert back into the fold after he returns as the prodigal son did, contright, trully sorry and wanting nothing more then to merely "work as a slave".  Obviously we don't want him back as a slave LOL, but the attitude of knowing we don't "owe" him anything.  I have to go back to church in a few minutes.  I am starting today to sing with the Worship team on Sunday nights.  I am nervous, but also glad that God is allowing me the opportunity to serve.

I am so proud of myself, for once not sticking a project away when I got bored with it. I realized that I could work through it :) I have been working on page 1 of the "Old Barn in a Storm" by Artecy pattern.  Here is page 1 completed.  I love how when you work on these projects it doesn't look like much as your doing it, but as I hold it back (or in this case look at the picture) it really comes out.  It is very exciting to see how it will turn out.  I had such a fascination with several of these old barns that Terrena had done for Artecy, that I have decided to as many as I can, just for myself.  I believe I am going to take the year off from making gifts for others, and concentrate on some of the ones I wanted to do just for me.  By the way, if you see the strings all at the bottom and are wondering why, I will explain.  For this project I did a park and stitch.  I stitch in squares of 10.  When I am done with that color in that square, I "park it" or bring it up through its corresponding symbol in the square of 10 below.  I finish the whole page in columns of 10.  Now I will pick back up on the first row of page 5 (the page that goes below this) where the threads are.  I will do the same thing finishing the color in the block of 10 and then parking, all the way down the page.  When all the pages are done in this first column, then I will go on to page 2 (which will go to the right) and do the same again.  Hope this explanation made sense.