Life Around Home

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So, it has been awhile since I posted a note as to what I am up to. Thought I should do that today! So following is a wrap up of what has been going on the last few weeks in the Sorrells Family:

Soccer: Yep soccer has started again. Josh has three to four practices a week plus weight training two days a week and running training three days a week. In addition, we are ramping up to the busy season with our soccer club, getting ready for our upcoming Spring tournament during Memorial Day weekend. (This happens to be the same time my oldest is leaving for Army~More below). Because I am on the tournament committee, I am beginning work on this tournament such as setting vendors up and such. Also have my monthly meeting of the Board which I am the secretary for.

School: The kids are almost to their spring breaks. That means a week and a half home, and have to have things to keep them occupied. Josh, Allyssa and I are going to take off on April 5th and 6th overnight to go to a local indoor water park. We are going up with my best friend Mary and Her daughter. It will be nice to get away from all the stress, and just relax, even if it is only over night!

Church: Church has become really busy. We have been attending Sun. morning and Evening, Wednesday evening, Thursday mornings. In addition I have been going to Women's Ministries on Tuesday morning and cabin fever moms Tuesday afternoons. I have also been working with several other ladies to do a visitation ministry. And my other best friend Leia and I have been meeting every Friday to go over our Sunday school lesson (Beth Moore's A Woman's Heart).

Writing: I am working on two separate books right now, which have both taken up a lot of my free time.

Stitching: Working on the Names of Jesus for my pastor and his wife.

In addition, Robert will be graduating May 17th. (Of course we have a soccer tournament that weekend. Luckily it is fairly local, so we will be doing a lot of driving back and forth etc.). The following weekend is our home tournament, Robert's graduation party, and he will be leaving for basic training that Sunday evening. I can't believe it is SOOOO Close! I am also very busy now that Zech has moved back to the area with appointments and such. Everyday I hope things will slow down a bit, and every day they seem to get busier LOL

Last but not least, Tim and I are waiting to hear about his job. Last Friday they laid off (actually terminated) 40 people~mostly office and higher up people. The company then posted in the newspaper that they were going to have to do "something" (Either chapter 11 bankruptcy or a buyout) by the first of April. There are a lot of rumors of a buyout, but we all believe they will file bankruptcy first then be bought out. The general feeling is that if there is a buyout, they will all lose their jobs, and eventually some of them will be hired back on under a much lower pay. We are just waiting to see what happens, and praying that God provides whatever is necessary.

Long Time

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It has been a long time since I last posted, and for that I apologize. What do I say, other then life happened, and I got carried away in it. I have not been working much on stitching lately, but rather working on a book that will be titled "Flip flops and Sandcastles, what to do when God says wait". I feel that I am to tell a story, not just about MS or my journey through it, but to be able to help others who's journey has ended up in a Wait scenario. God does not always give Yes or No answers. So how we deal with a wait answer is important. I am striving to show in my life on a daily basis, that God can use even the worst of circumstances for the benefit of us and those around us. So, I am working diligently to write what is in my heart, if for no other reason then to give my children something to read into their future, that will uplift and give them hope during times of trouble in their own lives.