My Cat Thinks its a Dog

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This is a picture of Max, our cat. The picture does not do him justice, but it is the only one I have been able to take so far. So, a bit of information is probably needed first, on how Max came to live with us. Back in late Sept. or early Oct, during the height of High School Soccer season, (and Hurricanes), we came home one day from a soccer practice to loud howling coming from our under our deck. On further inspection, we discovered the source of the howling was a rather large and angry cat. I immediately suspected that the cat had been a run-a-way, and had told my children to leave it alone, in the hopes it would run back to its owner. A full week went by, and the cat never left under our porch. Of course by this time, I had to give it some food (although I have a stinking suspicion he was eating plenty of mice to keep him happy). The cat would come out and sit in my daughters lap, or mine, but would not stand still long enough for us to figure out if it was a boy or a girl. So we decided to name the Cat MAX (for Maxine or max-a-million {later determined to be Maxwell} depending on the sex~to be discovered later). Anyway, after two weeks of a cat living under my porch I realized that someone had probably put him out. (This has been happening a lot lately with the economy and people being unable to take care of their animals.) I discovered that Max was a he, and that he was fixed and de-clawed. So we did the next plausible thing........we invited him in. He didn't stay! As soon as the front door was opened, he ran back outside and hid under our porch. A week or so later, Tim and I opened the door one day to leave, and Max walked into the house (much like he owned it) and has never left!

So now on to the part of the Cat thinking he is a dog. Here is my case:
  1. Max Begs. Anytime you have food, he will sit at your feet and attempt to get you to drop your food to him
  2. Max Fetches. When playing with the dogs, if you throw a small toy, Max will not only chase after it, but will also pick it up and return it to you.
  3. Max Eats Dog Food. Need I say more about this one???
  4. Max knows commands. Max knows how to come, and sit, and lay.
  5. Max loves his stomach rubbed.
  6. Max plays with the puppy, as if he is a puppy himself. The chase each other all around the house, the cat chasing the dog, and vice-versa. Max will pounce on Otis, pinning him to the floor, steal Otis's toy and on and on...

So as you can see, our house has a strange assortment of animals. We have a Gecko (Buddy), Two goldfish (Kiko and F-I-S-H), a Cat (Boots), and three dogs (Abby, Otis and Max~who has S.I.D (species identity disorder)).