Diets and other New Years Resolutions

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Every year it seems, I spend massive amounts of time (at least for a day or two) trying to follow some of my New Years Resolutions. Generally by the 3rd or 4th of January, something has gone amiss, and in my world of 100% one way or another thinking, I quit! Well this years resolution is going to be to accept things done well, NOT perfectly! That being said, here is my list of New Years Resolutions:
  • Eat Healthier (try to keep at around 1700 calories a day)
  • Be Nicer to People
  • Read my bible more often (I am going to strive for once a day, but remember perfection isn't achievable
  • Spend more time with my friends
  • Be more consistent in my church time.
  • Spend time every day stitching.
  • Update my photos on a weekly basis (again perfection isn't achievable)
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY get back to FLYING! I have really lax ed on this lately, and I need to follow my system in order to stay caught up.

On the eating healthier note, I am really excited about what I am doing! Every time in the past, I have started a diet and then failed because I didn't like the food or I got bored. What I have done now is figure out what I need, calorie wise, for each meal and each snack. (For example for me: Breakfast is approx 323 cal.; Lunch and Dinner approx. 510 calories; and snacks (3 a day) is 119 cal.) Then I took index cards. At the top I wrote whether it was breakfast, snack, or lunch/dinner. Then on the card I wrote down appropriate stuff for that category, trying to keep the totals in range. For instance, one of my snack cards is a sugar free jell-o pudding and two vanilla wafers (130 cal). My goal is to have 20 to 30 different cards for snacks and lunch/dinners. Then at the beginning of the week, I will mix them all up and pull out cards for 21 snacks, 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners. That will be my menu for the week. And all the calorie counting is already done for me. And since I am putting only food I really like, I won't hate what I am doing. I will post later as to how this is going, as my official start date will be Wed. Dec. 31st. I have a goal weight that I would like to get to, but I don't want to get stuck on the numbers right now. (I did post a widget to help me watch my weight loss on my blog though).

Would love to see comments of others New Years Resolutions, or thoughts about having them!