Bed Trials

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Okay let me start by saying THIS IS NOT AN X-rated post! I know some of you who might be disappointed (but you will get over it LOL). No, rather this post is more about the actually trials of sleeping with one's significant other, in bed. Notice there I said SLEEPING! So last night Tim and I performed our normal bedtime routine. (Just for a little history, the routine goes something like this: I come into the room about 10:45 after waiting for him to come home from work. He plants his self in front of the TV. I read in bed until somewhere about 11:30 to 12:00 while I wait for Tim to come to bed. He hops in to bed, we turn out the lights, and I hear snoring within a few minutes, while I lay staring at the ceiling for an hour trying to fall asleep.)

So last night, same routine. And as I was sitting there in the dark I began contemplating the differences in our ability to go to sleep. From this I have decided, he sleeps because he has nothing on his mind! (and no I don't mean that in a derogatory manner). It is just that he has spent the last hour to hour and a half sitting in front of the television, allowing it to suck out any thought process he might have had. I on the other hand, have been richly involved in enhancing my mind by traveling to some far off distant country, and helping the hero or heroine achieve their goals. Therefore, Tim comes to bed, completely oblivious to everything and quickly drifts off to sleep. I however, spend an hour or more, detailing to plans for a book that has already been written, as if I have to re-write the entire ending for myself. There is not even enough space to begin to write what happens when I have finished the book, on any given night!

As I was writing this opinionated post, Tim walks in and takes great offense to my personal observations of our sleep habits. And while I may feel a tad bit bad for him, exposing him in such light, I have decided that this post may well save marriages everywhere, and therefore, must be inclined to keep it in my blog! After all, if we women understand the nuances of the marriage relationship.......we can better defend ourselves!