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Just a quick post today, as it has been a very long day. Like usual, when I know I have to get up early, I have a horrible time trying to go to sleep, and so it was last night. Finally at 3:30 or so, I stopped watching the clock. Went to church and Sunday school this morning. Actually was very glad I went, as they were collecting an opinion poll on what was needed in the church, and one of the issues is that with an elevator. We don't have one right now, and it is really hard to get from one floor to the next (from Sunday School to church etc). After church, came home for a quick lunch before heading out the door for soccer game. Josh only played 1/2 the game in goal, at which point he had a 100% ratio. He then played the second 1/2 as forward~which is what he plays on the high school team. Then after the game, drove home to drop Josh off and worked on Board Meeting stuff quickly before leaving again to go back to Morton for a Board Meeting. I finally got home at 9, but spent the next hour or so typing up the minutes from the meeting, before I forgot what was said. It will be so nice to have a lap top to take with me, so that I can type while people talk, instead of having to come home and do it.

So anyways, that was my day, and now I am tired, so off to bed for me. Tomorrow is Monday, and I intend to get my home blessing done, all my laundry washed/dried/put away, and my dishes all done. Then I plan on spending as much time as possible stitching!!!!