Two Left Thumbs

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So today I had time, I thought, to spend on Sistine Chapel. I got all comfortable, wrapped my extra fabric around a tube, put the pup in a blanket next to my legs and off I went in search of the stitcher's utopia~you know the one where everything just seems to flow, and you find yourself in a trance like state?! Well with the first few minutes, I had been disturbed several times by the phone, husband, pup etc. Then I realized as I stitched further, that I had two left thumbs! Nothing and I do mean NOTHING was flowing. In a row of 10 I made and pulled 4 mistakes~not real good odds. So after an hour of being totally frustrated, I decided to put S.C. away, and get out another project. I fought with trying to stitch for another hour and a half. I finally just gave up. Certainly is NOT going to be a productive day for stitching :( Maybe tomorrow! I have decided to put SC away early. I will post a picture on Thursday, but I am not taking it back up again until the 1st Thursday in Feb. I will work on it for a full week, and then put it away again.