Sludging through mud

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Today has been a very difficult day. I feel like I am trying to swim through a murky, thick, muddy swamp. Thinking is difficult~not to even speak of the other bodily functions one must perform on a day to day basis. It is so hard to put into words the actual feelings. All I can say is it is much like your body is submersed in cement. Every limb is covered, and it feels like you are carrying around 100lb weights attached to you. I haven't been able to stitch much today, as my arms just got "tired". This frustrates me so~ and more frustrating then the way I feel, is trying to explain the way I feel to those here! My kids and husband just don't seem to get it (or they don't want too). My kitchen is a disaster, the laundry isn't done, the living room is a mess, and all I can do is hide out in my bedroom~trying not to cry. I know I SHOULD get up and get all this stuff done, but the thought of doing ANYTHING just makes me want to bawl! All I seem to be able to do is sit here and play stupid suduko games, and poker. I HATE THIS!
Okay, enough of my pity party. I am sure tomorrow will be better. I just need some extra sleep......Which won't happen if I go to church.....So now my choice is, miss church AGAIN, or go and not get the extra sleep :( UGGHHHHH!!!!!