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I am so sick of snow! Okay to be honest, it really isn't the snow I am sick of. It is WINTER in general! There is a ray of hope, as I heard on the news today that there is only some 7 weeks or so left before Spring. Hallelujah! I guess the snow is nice to look at, you know, pretty and all. The real downfall of Winter is the cold, the ice, the blowing wind, the being cooped up in the house etc.
I did get quite a bit of work done on my S.C. today. Finished the 2nd column and began work on the third. I think the third column will go a lot faster as there isn't as many confetti stitches. I have also amended the way that I am stitching a bit. I stitch the first block (10 columns x 10 rows) of one color, and then seat that color in the next block of 10. I then go back to the first block and do the next color through the whole block before seating it in the second block, and so on. Seems to move a bit faster that way, just have to pray that I do not mess up, for taking those stitches out would be nearly impossible! It is certainly not a project I should ever work on while tired. All in all I got 400 stitches put in, in just under 4 hours. I have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to continue working on it, before putting it away for the month. I will then pull out my Quilts in the Garden for Friday. I am not sure what I will go on to if I happen to get that done before my 3 weeks are up, so will have to think about that.
Our church is starting a new service on Thursday mornings at 10:00. We also have W.M's (or Women's Ministries) on Tuesday Mornings. I am considering going back to WM's, but I am just not sure. I had stopped going because the women in this particular group are all much older then I am (retirement age and above). While I love to learn what I can by those who are older then I, I don't find much in common with them. Even the simple things, such as children or managing the house, seems to have changed so much since they raised their children, that it is hard to find common ground. And yet, I feel that I must get back involved in the church, that I have been away for far too long. The best thing about WM's is that I can take my cross-stitching with me, and work on that during the meeting. So it is free stitching time for me. Will see if I can manage to get out of bed early enough for it tomorrow. The other obstacle is that Tim is off for the next two days. My schedule is always different when he is home.
I had wanted to attend the M.S. Support group on Wed. morning this month as well. I hate to be off running to this and that, when Tim is off., and it is my birthday, so I am really not sure about what to do. The last time I went, several years ago, it was an odd experience. All of the people in attendance were 50 and older. Many were in advancing stages, so it scared me a bit. Unfortunately, I am now in the same state many of them were years ago, so it might do me some good to go and get some information and such. I just hate going into new groups of people by myself. I guess I need to learn, since it seems that I will be doing that a lot this month. Next Tuesday night, I will be attending my first Blue Star Mothers Support Group~its for mothers with children in the military. Figure I am going to need all the support in this area that I can get. There are actually two gold star members in this group~I hope to NEVER achieve that status, as you have to lose your family member to get there.