God Is So God

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Why is it that when we are in the midst of heartaches or struggles we forget to look upon the One who has all the answers? Why is my first call to my husband or my best friend, rather then to the God who sustains me? God is so good, and faithful for forgiving my insecurities. While in church this morning we were singing a song about being in God's presence, and that is exactly what happened. His presence came and visited on me, in such a tangible way, as if God Himself reached down from heaven, and put His arms around my shoulders. And there I sat crying. God did something for me that I had been needing from those close to me all week, He let me cry on His shoulder! What a wonderful experience. And a peace fell over me. Yes I still have struggles to go through this week, but I have a peace about all of it. I know that God has it all worked out, even if I can't see it!!!!

Anyway, I just had to share.