More Trash?!

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Had a doctors appointment on Thursday, and yet more trash is dumped into my life. I swear if one more person (not speaking of one of you all of course) says to me "God won't give you more then you can handle" I will go postal and rip their little heads right off of their shoulders! Okay, so that was pretty graphic, sorry!!!! So I went to the doctor because I have been having quite a few problems that are "new" (trouble breathing). I figured it would be a quick visit in which the doctor would say, its asthma or bronchitis and send me about my business. But NO. My lungs were absolutely clear. So his response to me is "I believe the the muscles around your lungs, and perhaps your heart (high blood pressure and heart rate) are fatigued" WHAT THE HECK???? He did not blame it on my MS, but rather sort of indicated he thought it might be a "new" problem. So off to the hospital I went to have a bunch of blood tests, x-rays and such. I have an MRI scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. Then after all the tests come back, he suggested sending me to a new neurologist, a pulmonologist, a rhuemotologist and a cardiologist. That's an awful lot of professionals! Hopefullly whatever "it" is, is quickly diagnosed and treated!