Exciting news

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Guess what...I got a new job today.  Now before you ladies, and you do know who you are, question me giving to much of myself......read the rest first.  So I have been a little down about the fact that I finally have gotten to a place in my life where I actually WANT to look like a women,  (You know hair, makeup, nails etc) and we are at a place where finances are not real condusive to me spending the extra cash.  So, I made a compromise and joined our gym, taking the 58 a month out of my grocery allowance.  I figured it was one thing I could really do for myself and feel good about.  Well today a friend from church called out of the clear blue and was trying to solve a conflict in their family.  After some talking and hashing through, this friend said they thought they had the perfect answer.  Seems that his mother bought a new puppy yesterday.  This puppy is a miniture dachsund and is still very little.  She works 3-12 hour shifts as a nurse at our local hospital.  So I will be "babysitting" the puppy 3 days a week for $75.  Isn't it awesome.