Strange Emotions

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Well let me start by saying I am typing this from the middle of my bed...and how nice it is to be able to be online while "stuck" here. I am so blessed my husband purchased me this laptop!!!

Okay, so my weekend has been full of strange emotional things. First, I was very discouraged Friday night when I went to the Secret Sister Tea. Not because of anything anyone said, but just because of the state I was in physically. At one point I actually started crying, but quickly pulled myself under control.

Saturday, it was warm here (in the mid 50s) so I pulled out my flip-flops. My most beloved thing is to shuck the tennis shoes of the "winter' and put on my flip-flops for the summer. I then wear them as often as I can until it snows again! Problem was, my legs won't flip my flop (I know this doesn't make much sense, but basically my muscles can't handle the flip flops). I just melted into a puddle on the floor bawling. I mean I felt like scream "Not my flip-flops too" but then in the midst of it, it also struck me as hysterically funny to be so upset over something so stupid as FLIP FLOPS!

Okay and for the final thing. On Sat. afternoon, we visited a friends pawn shop looking for a TV. we did not find a TV, but what we did find was an electric wheelchair in fairly good condition, for $500. (The new ones are around $5000). Now at the time, I thought what a blessing from God, as we are struggling with our insurance to pay for one. Also if we buy a used one now, the insurance will pay for a new one in the future, if/when they decide I "need" one. Its very hard to get one (I have a manual wheelchair), because you have to prove that you need it to get around your house. Well I don't yet, but boy it would be nice to be able to get out, and not use up all my energy etc. Anyway.......

I thought I was excited about getting it. (Tim is picking it up tomorrow so we can see if it will work in our house) But now as I sit here and think about it, I just don't feel that excited. Actually truth be told, I feel like crying once again. Its just such an emotional roller-coaster of feelings.